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 My Watercolors at the "Hitachi OB Exhibition" 

65th (Oct., 2019)

60th (April, 2017)   61st (Oct., 2017)     62nd (April, 2018)  63rd (Oct., 2018)  64th (April., 2019)

55th (Sept.,2014)  56th (March, 2015)  57th (Sept., 2015)  58th (April, 2016)  59th (Oct., 2016)


My Watercolors at the "Salon de Jeudi"

68th (Jan., 2017)

61st (July, 2013)   62nd (Jan., 2014)   63rd (July, 2014)   64th (Jan., 2015)   66th (Jan., 2016)

56th (Jan., 2011)   57th (July, 2011)   58th (Feb., 2012)   59th (July, 2012)   60th (Feb., 2013)

51st (July, 2008)   52nd (Jan., 2009)   53rd (July, 2009)   54th (Feb., 2010)   55th (Aug., 2010) 

46th (Feb., 2006)   47th (Aug., 2006)   48th (Feb., 2007)   49th (July, 2007)   50th (Jan., 2008) 

42nd (Jan., 2004)   43rd (July, 2004)   44th (Jan., 2005)   45th (Aug., 2005) 


Other Watercolors

Old Western-style Buildings in Tokyo  (1995 - 2002)

In Foreign Countries  (1995 - 2000)


I like the paintings of Mr. Keishiro Aboshi who used to work for the Bank of Japan before he became a painter. I want to paint  watercolors like his. After I retired, I joined his sketch group, "Salon de Jeudi", in February 2003. I enjoy sketching in parks and at back streets of Tokyo with the members of this group three or four times a month. Most members are elderly and experienced. I am quite a novice compared with them.

My tools for painting are; a special pencil using wax, paints with 24 colors contained in a palette, a brush, a sketch-book, a used small bottle for water. That's all. So it is very easy to carry them when I travel.   

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